Adamz Safety Glass FZ LLC

ApexGlass™ Level 1 - Anti-theft Glass

ApexGlass™ Level 1 is standard 5/32 auto glass backed with thin layers of polycarbonate that are bonded to the inside of the vehicle glass with polyurethane bonding interlayers. ApexGlass™ Level 1 offers anti-penetration protection: the impact/break resistant ApexGlass™ Level 1 resists forced entry and prolonged attacks from hammers, hatchets, baseball bats, pipes, sledge hammers, pick ax, and also offers protection from thrown objects such as rocks, bricks, bottles, cinder blocks, molotov cocktails, etc., as well as protection from theft!

ApexGlass™ Level 1 comes in two levels of protection: 6 mm and 13mm. ApexGlass™ Level 1 13 mm provides all of the above protection but with the addition of protection from small powered hand and shotgun rounds.