ApexGlass™ Level 2 - Bullet Resistant Glass

This ASG product is designed to resist and stop bullet penetration. This multi-layered product, consisting of three or more sheets of glass with interlayers offers greater resistance from any bullet attacks and strikes.
Most of the customized armoured vehicles that use our products includes Toyota Landcruiser 2009, Mercedes G55, Toyota Hilux; Lexus; Sequoia, GMC Suburban 2008, Ford E350 & 550, Ford Expedition…etc...

Flat bullet-resistant glass is manufactured for a wide variety of uses including Military Establishments, Police Stations, Bank Offices, VIP Premises, Government buildings and Consulates and other high security applications.

ApexGlass™ Level 2 always ensures maximum security and safety where high protection is required.
Available in all threat levels and international standards as mandated by our valued clients:

EN 1063 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BR6   BR7  
STANAG4569         I II   III
NIJ 0108.01 IIA III+ IIIA   III   IV  
WEAPON 9mm 357 Magnum 44 Magnum 5.56x45 SS109 7.62x51 7.62x39 7.62x51 AP 7.62x51 AP
        7.62x39 MSC FJ/FB/SC API FJ/FC/HCI 7.62x54R
• NIJ Standard - 0108.01 • NATO STANAG 4569 • EN Standard - European Standard EN 1063